Assessing cyber security risks is essential for every organization to establish a proper framework for risk management that is adequate, effective, and compliant, enabling secure and uninterrupted business operations. Identifying cyber security risks requires the expertise of certified professionals, utilizing leading-edge tools, and adhering to globally recognized standards.

SECUREiNFO  is willing to provide Cyber Security Risk Assessment services that encompass the various aspects of information systems for the diverse needs of your organization’s business. Our approach includes the following components: 

  • Cyber Security Management Audit
    The audit involves assessing the Cyber Security risks at the management level by referencing the organization’s management systems with international standards such as ISO/IEC, PCI DSS, or any regulations or requirements mandated for the organization to adhere to.
  • Cyber Security Operation Assessment
    The assessment process will involve a detailed examination of the organization’s information systems using technical methods such as penetration testing, vulnerability assessment scans, or source code audits. This assessment aims to evaluate the operational level Cyber Security risks within the organization.

The results of both assessments, the Cyber Security Management Audit and the Cyber Security Operation Assessment, will be compiled, analyzed, and reviewed by certified and experienced experts. These results will provide the organization with effective tools for managing risks.